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Why Choose Us Australia DMC?

What is the advantage of working with Australia DMC? Working with Australia DMC means receiving the full benefits of an experienced destination advisor without the high costs associated with having a full-time employee.

We work as your extension here in Australia:

  1. We apply a retainer/consulting fee which is calculated according to the scope of the project as defined by you.
  2. The classic working arrangement sees the client retaining our services.
  3. A marketing timeline and schedule of activities is supplied to the client prior to the initiation of any fees.
  4. The cost of the retainer/consulting fee is calculated according to the scope of the project, which will be mutually
    agreed according to your objectives and business expectations.
  5. An advance retainer/consulting fee may be required to begin a new assignment and it covers the first 3 months
    of work and of course this advance is deducted from the billings related to the assignment.
  6. Additional costs like travel expenses during site-inspections will be submitted to you and subject to
    previous authorization from your side.
  7. We will also assist you in preparing your programs.

Australia DMC Works! We are your strategic consulting partner and you are engaged with a team of professional consultants with 25+ years of experience with the high-end Tourism & Hospitality industry, Luxury Lifestyle industry, and in planning international events all over the world.

What can provide each single client, whether a small business firm or a Fortune 500 multinational group with a unique exclusive memory. By choosing Australia DMC as your partner, we will be at your side for:

• designing and developing your successful destination marketing plan;
• providing you the tools for achieving your marketing and communication objectives;
• monitoring that this strategy is executed in order to provide organizational effectiveness;
• creating a long-lasting consulting partnership with you.











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